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April 7, 2015
Real Estate Marketing

Dear Ocean Reef Club Real Estate Company,

Nanette and I wanted to take a moment and express our complete and total satisfaction with the recent sale of our home at 1 Sunset Cay and then the purchase of our new home at 11 Sunrise Cay.

Our Sale:

When we decided to sell our home, the listing decision was pretty simple for us. As 15 year Equity Members of ORC, it made perfect sense to us, to use our own real estate company. Mary Lee’s reputation and professional approach, made choosing her as our listing agent, very easy for us. We felt like our decision was vindicated at our very first meeting, when we were discussing the listing strategy and the always difficult pricing decision. We expressed our desire to price the property properly, because we wanted it sold. We have seen too many properties stay for sale for years, because the pricing was set too high… essentially to secure the listing rather than attract a buyer.

We took both Mary’s and Paul Bobik’s recommendation on pricing and listed the house. When the season started this fall, there was a steady stream of showings to qualified potential buyers. We ended up shortly thereafter with two bidders and several other interested parties. We quickly came to a fair and equitable price. Mary’s professional guidance and steady coaching made a huge difference along the way. Closing was flawless and we had a happy seller and a happy buyer.

Our Purchase:

We had decided early on that we weren’t going to purchase our new house until the first one was under contract. We wanted to be either on the ocean or Card Sound and Mary patiently showed us everything that was a potential home for us. We were moving very quickly and she was an excellent resource on the many properties for sale and the positives and negatives of each. We decided on 11 Sunrise and then were able to work through another Ocean Reef Club Real Estate Company professional, Bill Dickinson, who was the listing agent on 11 Sunrise. After much back and forth, a deal was struck that pleased, again, the buyer and seller. We were able to arrange same day closings and the transactions were completed.

From start to finish, on all sides of both transactions, we were professionally and competently represented by Mary Lee and her team. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for being such a professional, we are now in our favorite home…..ever. Thank-you for making it possible.

Warm Regards,

Ron & Nanette Elenbaas

“Jeanie Castellanos is the most conscientious Realtor on the Reef.  That trait, coupled with her extensive knowledge of Ocean Reef, makes her the obvious person to work with.” Bob Costello

We can’t thank you enough for listening to exactly what we were looking for in our Florida home. While there wasn’t an immediate solution & several months later you remembered and reached us on the telephone. Quite frankly, we were shocked to see the exact place we were interested in suddenly come on the market. You handled all the details with grace and brought happiness to the entire family. We had so much fun we could do it all over again!” Rod & Denica Fraser

“Over the past many years we have bought and sold many properties. This past year we sold a dock at Ocean Reef Club. We were fortunate to have Jeanie Castellanos as our agent. Jeanie was the most efficient agent we have used. She kept us informed and handled the listing and sale with utmost professionalism. Jeanie and Ocean Reef Club Real Estate made the sale of the property and equity effortless and we would not hesitate to use their services again.” Andy & Andrea

“Jeanie represented my wife and I on the acquisition side of a transaction at ocean reef.  We found her to be very professional, knowledgeable of the market, and willing to go the extra mile to be sure we ended up with the right property.  We could not have been happier and give her our highest recommendation” John and Nancy Sevo

“As a new member to Ocean Reef 10 years ago, our family quickly outgrew our needs on our boat. We initially purchased a dock however, 5 real estate transactions later we are happily settled into a 4 bedroom home. Four of the three transactions were handled with the professional experience of Patti Furneaux. We are extremely happy with the unique “Real Estate Experience” provided to us which had been lacking in other luxury vacation markets where we have purchased. Patti was patient and concerned, honest and efficient, industrious but tolerant throughout the entire process of inquiries concerning a multitude of properties. Above all it is her knowledge and love for the community of Ocean Reef that sold our family. It is without reservation that our family highly recommends Patti Furneaux for any real estate need.” Jim and Anne Bonner

“Judy and I are delighted to share with you and any of your potential clients the superb experience we had with Jeanie in the sale of our dock and concurrent purchase of a Pumpkin Cay condo this past month.Jeanie’s enthusiasm, unflagging energy and excellent communications made the process a positive experience. As ORC members for over thirty years, we pretty much knew all the real estate players at the Reef and continue to enjoy friendly relationships with many of them. But we knew that Jeanie had made the right choice in affiliating with Ocean Reef Real Estate Company and were confident that she would represent our interests with the kind of professionalism we needed for this significant chapter in our lives. Jeanie guided us through a comprehensive choice of a wide range of properties and helped us narrow our choice to a property we are confident will prove to be a great new lifestyle at ORC. Thanks to her and your team for a job well done.” Bill and Judy Borten


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