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Ocean Reef Fishing Village with Joan the Shopper

May 12, 2015
Real Estate Marketing

A Divine Diversion Errands, Shopping & Fun

“Shopping at Ocean Reef never better!”
By Joan Birsh

Unofficially I’m known at The Reef as “Joan the Shopper.” I’ve earned that dubious moniker because I contribute a weekly column called “Spot On Shopping” to the Ocean Reef Press.

Each week I focus on one of the Ocean Reef stores that offers prime shopping opportunities. Most of the shops are clustered in Fishing Village, but the golf and tennis pro shops, the Gift Shop, and the two boutiques in the Fitness Center (Spa and Fitness) also carry interesting merchandise.

In the five years that I’ve been “Joan the Shopper,” I’ve seen amazing changes. There has been the addition of some wonderful new stores (e.g., GiGi’s, J.McLaughlin, Tommy Bahama, Lilly Pulitzer). And our old favorites (e.g., Signature Shop, Dockside Mart, Gift Shop) have expanded their variety and improved the quality of their merchandise.

Shopping at Ocean Reef has never been better. But don’t take my word ?for it. Go see (and buy) for yourself.

Retail stores located in Fishing Village:

No surprise that the “signature” is Ocean Reef. The logo appears on burgees, license plates, coffee mugs, tumblers, playing cards, picture frames and more. Nice gifts for fellow Members and family. For the guys the Signature Shop has swim trunks that double as golf shorts and can even go to dinner at Gianni’s. For the gals there are good-looking tees, dresses and jackets. There are OR ?golf caps for everybody.

In 1998 the Murray brothers got their start by selling ties from their Jeep in Martha’s Vineyard. Today printed silk ties continue to be a big deal at their Ocean Reef emporium. The men’s classic-fit cotton shirts are another of the store’s legendary best-sellers. And for the ladies, there are comfy dresses, sweaters, tunics, sleepwear, swimwear and more. For boys and girls, there are smaller versions of Dad’s and Mom’s favorite Vineyard Vines outfits.

This store, which attests to being more about style than fashion, has proved to be a natural for Ocean Reef. Many of J.McLaughlin’s popular “go everywhere” dresses come in the company’s signature Catalina Cloth. It’s lush and clingy and lends itself to stunning prints. Catalina tees in a variety of colors and styles are also best-sellers. Everything is designed exclusively for J.McLaughlin venues, including all the easy-to-wear togs in the Men’s Department.

Dockside Mart opened 34 years ago, when two enterprising young women baked and sold Key lime cakes in this Fishing Village location. The owners are still there but their landmark store is today a true “mart”—featuring jewelry, flip-flops, stuffed animals, greeting cards, decorative bowls, purses, cashmere sweaters, baby clothes and sleepwear. And oh, yes, at Dockside you can still order a Key lime cake made from the original recipe.

This delightful new Lilly store is a welcome addition to Ocean Reef. Here you can find all those unique print dresses in lush pastels that are Lilly’s signature. A beautiful abstract flower print might come in a maxi version as well as a stylish shift. There are also skirts and skorts, even rompers. And there are loose-fitting tops and flattering pants like the Hepburn Cigarette Pant, plus lots of accessories, including a Lilly cover for your iPhone.

“A flair for the debonair,” an ad slogan for Tommy Bahama’s menswear, accurately describes the laid-back manly clothes you can find at the Tommy Bahama “Relax” store. There are casual collared shirts and V-neck tees. There are pants for golf, fishing or just lounging. And for the ladies there is an excellent swimwear collection, as well as dresses (maxi and short), pants, tops and sweaters—all of them flattering and comfortable.

This outstanding children’s boutique carries classy togs for newborns to 16-year-olds. Perfect for outfitting visiting grandchildren with a warm-weather wardrobe. For little girls GiGi’s has adorable dresses and play clothes. There’s also a good selection of bikinis, tankinis and one-piece swimsuits in sizes 3 months to 16 years. There are lots of choices for boys as well, including a plaid cotton short-sleeved shirt, just like Daddy’s.

This truly special fashion boutique, located on the harbor side of Fishing Village, features exquisite dresses, jackets, pants and sweaters. They are all made of natural fabrics in the finest European mills. The result is high fashion, high quality, unique design and admittedly high prices. But Leggiadro’s loyal customers claim these elegant yet comfortable garments are “better than Armani” and well worth the investment.

Though best known for fishing gear, much of what is sold at Orvis is great for any outdoor activity, as well as travel. The popular Ex Officio line includes shirts, shorts, and even bras and panties. All are quick drying and in many cases sun and/or insect protected. A big favorite for the guys is the Orvis Trout Bum shirt; it’s “dry release.” If it gets wet, it will be dry in minutes. You can seriously accessorize your wardrobe by chartering a boat at the Orvis desk.

This upscale jewelry store and art gallery is the place to go for a special birthday or anniversary present. Very popular are the Ocean Reef burgees. They range in price from $36 (the smallest of three burgees in silver and blue enamel) to $3,300 (14k gold with pavé diamonds). The paintings (often with a Keys theme) are also first rate. Many Ocean Reef Members, decorating their homes or yachts, ?will enthusiastically attest to that.

Other  Ocean Reef Shopping Opportunities located in the Fishing Village:

MarineMax A fisherman’s delight, this store sells bait, ice, rods, flies, etc.
Port O’ Call A top-notch wine and spirits store, owned by Ocean Reef Club
Reef Treats Ice cream, coffee, desserts and breakfast pastries
r.f. Orchids and Flowers Exotic orchids, plants and flower arrangements
Wynn’s at Ocean Reef Gourmet food market and grocer
YK Dressmaker & Custom Tailoring Men’s and women’s apparel

In addition, the Club has several retail stores located in Ocean Reef outside the Fishing Village: the Gift Shop, golf pro shop, tennis pro shop, Fitness Center Boutique and Spa Boutique.


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